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Looking for the most natural and gentle skincare products? Anmyna is definitely what you looking for. With the efficacy of skin care products and natural smell, the company determines to make every female to experience natural and comforting skin care products. The Anmyna products contain the most natural derived formula and ingredients which give the consumer an impactful impression that never experiences before. This brand was founded in Mainland China in the year 2009 aiming to innovate natural beauty products in the market. Besides, create brand new female beauty products that are more natural with less chemical. After years of research and development, in the year 2014, Taiwan has introduced Anmyna’s products to their market. The brand is now position as natural and gentle skin care. The unique selling point of Anmyna’s products is gentle, natural, non-irritating.

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Company Profile

Anmyna was first founded in Taiwan in 2009, currently is under Ou Manna Cosmetics Limited’s (歐曼娜化妝品有限公司) in Guang Dong China and positioned as the high-end cosmetics brands. Credit to the R&D team, aside from producing cosmetics products, Anmyna is now producing their very own skincare and haircare products. With the determination to make every Asian ladies experience the most comforting and gentle skincare products, Anmyna’s founder intent to invent the most natural products. Hence Anmyna R&D team has always innovated and try out new formula to produce a brand new product which different from other Anmyna’s products and any market available products, as a new masterpiece.

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Company’s Journey

  • In 2008, the brand founder, Lin Manman did market research for skin care products for a period of one year.
  • In 2009, Taiwan’s R&D team successfully established. The founder and R&D team began travels to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, France to research on the Asian women’s skin characteristics and market demand. Hence, confirmed on the product planning and R&D with product naming as Anmyna.
  • In 2010, Anmyna first product was born, which is the well-known Anmyna Rejuvenating Moisturizing Silk Mask and achieved a great market response.
  • In 2011, Anmyna Cool Me Hydrates and Soothes Spray was introduced to the market. This product was in short supply during that period. In the same year, snail silky emulsion was successfully developed.
    Anmyna, bellesy, hydrates and soothes spray, sensitive
  • In 2012, the five major product lines were formally established. Anmyna online market share has increased significantly.
  • In 2013, Anmyna focuses on the cultivation of flowers. Meanwhile, Anmyna Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Mask a.k.a. Bird Nest Whitening Silk Mask was successfully developed. Taiwan R&D team begins a new round of market research and product development plans.
  • In 2014, Lynx International allows Anmyna International Edition products to enter the Mainland market. New R&D team wad successfully established and focusing on personal care products program. Besides, Anmyna production base officially permitted to build in Guangzhou, China under Ou Manna Group)
  • In 2015, Anmyna New Series Launch was held. The conference was mainly introduced on the flower series products. Aarif Rahman was one of the artists that invited to this event. Besides, Rollin Lee, the beauty teacher was also invited to introduce the new CC cream and Anmyna Makeup remover and cotton. In the same year, Anmyna has their first nationwide core agents meeting, the brand upgrade was decided. Joe Chen was the artist endorsement for Anmyna products. After a year of R&D, Anmyna personal care series including both hair care and body care official debut and sell in Mainland, China.


Anmyna Brand

anmyna, shower gel, body shampoo, bellesy, body care, anmyna cherry blossom refreshing showel gel

  • Brand Values
    • Natural skincare with gentle moistening
  • Brand Features
    • Gentle, natural and non-irritating
  • Brand Identity
    • The specialty of Anmyna products is the mild and gentle ingredients which make the products non-irritating and suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin user, pregnant ladies, and kids. Allowing everyone to use with confidence and stay beautiful as you wish.

Anmyna Products

Anmyna Skin Care:

1. Anmyna Facial Regime

anmyna cleanser, cleanser, cleansing mousse, bellesy, anmyna

  • Anmyna Cleanser / Anmyna Cleansing Mousse

With all the natural ingredients, Anmyna Cleansing Mousse helps your skin to stay clean, refreshed, and moisture. This product performs six different functions which include basic cleansing, makeup removing, moisturizing, whitening, repairing and refreshing. Don’t be surprised when your skin looks brighter and younger.
Shop here.

anmyna skin toner and dreamy skin cream, anmyna, toner, lotion, bellesy

  • Anmyna Skincare Toner

Besides cleaning your skin pores, Anmyna Skincare Toner actively replenishes water under the skin and balance the oil secretions on the face. The pores size is visibly reduced after using. Besides, this product able to balance the PH value of the skin, and provides nutrients that needed by the skin, keeping the skin as soft and tender as water. Nonetheless, creating a good moisturizing foundation for the use of Anmyna Dreamy Skin Cream. Shop here.

  • Anmyna Dreamy Skin Cream

Rich in hyaluronic acid and moisturizing factors, Anmyna Dreamy Skin Cream provides each skin cell sufficient nutrition and moisture. Resulting tender and delicate skin. On top of that, this product able of balancing the oil and water of the skin. Ensuring sufficient moist and enhance the protective function of the skin sebum membrane. Shop Here.

2. Anmyna Masks

Anmyna Rejuvenation Moisturizing Silk Face Mask, face mask, whitening, moisturizing, bellesy

  • Anmyna Rejuvenation Moisturizing Silk Face Mask

You will experience skin recovery, moisture, and radiant in just 20 minutes. After using this mask for a week, skin dullness, dryness, and roughness are visibly diminished. Anmyna face mask is formulated by US DuPont technology. Soft, smooth, docile and lightweight silk mask that able to cover the face perfectly without any crinkle. Hence, allowing every single cell to absorb ample of essence contained in the mask. Shop here.

anmyna cubilose ice membrane silk face pack, mask, bellesy, anmyna, face mask, whitening, hydrating

  • Anmyna Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk Face Mask

Anmyna Cubilose Ice Membrane Silk face mask a.k.a. Anmyna Bird Nest Whitening Mask owns four main features which resulted in skin visibly transformed into more moisture, smoother, radiant, fewer wrinkles, increase firmness and less sensitive. Shop here.

a. Contains whitening and antioxidants function without causing any skin irritation.

b. Form water-locked system under the skin in return allowing the skin to stay hydrated for a longer period. Allowing dry skin to restore and retain water.

c. Strong penetration features that allows essence to absorb easily into the skin.

d. Protect skin from UVA/UVB. Thus, visible reduction of skin dullness and spots.

Anmyna Black Charcoal Cleansing Mask Set, bellesy, mask

  • Anmyna Black Charcoal Cleansing Mask

One of Anmyna best seller, Anmyna Black Charcoal Cleansing Mask uses 100% Japan Kishu Bincho-Tan (White Charcoal) that served as unique water purification system. This mask able to purify and detoxify your skin. In-depth pores cleansing, which removes black heads and white heads from the skin. Resulting minimizes pores size. Hydrate intensely by nourishing every single cell with adequate of water. Besides, enhancing  water-locked system under your skin and restore internal hydration. Shop here.

anmyna, cherry blossom repairing mask, bellesy

  • Anmyna Cherry Blossom Repairing Mask

Designed for deep moisture and repairing skin. Cleanse and purify skin from radiation and environment pollution from the daytime. Moisture and smoother skin that caused by stress, hence, increasing elasticity. Besides, even skin color tone and brighten face after long term application. This mask is one of the Anmyna latest and hot selling product, a prominent result can be seen in just 14 days. Shop here.

3. Anmyna Mist

Anmyna, bellesy, hydrates and soothes spray, sensitive

  • Anmyna CoolMe Hydrates and Soothes Spray

Moisturizing spray that gives you instant cooling and calming effect. Rich in minerals and vitamin E which neutralize the pH value of your skin. Effectively relieve your skin from sensitive and redness. Improve skin tolerance towards environment changes and protect skin from pollution. Hydrates and promote effective absorption for subsequent skin care products. Shop here.

Anmyna Elegant Whitening Sunscreen Spray 160ml, Anmyna, Sunscreen, sunblock, bellesy

  • Anmyna Elegant Whitening Sunscreen Spray

Double protection from sunburn or tanning, UVA/UVB, computer radiation and others phenomena such as haze, air pollution and etc. This mist is designed to protect your skin mainly from UVB that capable of damaging your skin, increasing the number of wrinkles and spots or leads to skin cancer. It has the whitening effect which results in reducing skin dullness and brightens the skin. It has antioxidant function and contains natural mint extract ingredients that give you long-lasting moisturizing effect. Shop here.

4. Anmyna MakeUp

Anmyna, CC cream, cushion, bellesy

  • Anmyna CC Cream Cushion

Anmyna CC Cream perform multiple functions which resolve most of the skin problems. This product able to protect your skin from ultraviolet and radiation from the screens such as mobile and desktop. In addition, act as the concealer which reduces scars visibility. Nonetheless, control oil secretion and maintain moisture. The perfect foundation for other makeup and keeps the skin hydrated from time to time. Shop Here.

anmyna cc cushion, anmyna, cc cream, cushion, bellesyAnmyna Brightening and Moisturizing Set, brightening and moisturizing cc cushion cream, cc cream, primer, foundation, bellesy

  • Anmyna Whitening & Moisturizing CC Cushion Cream

Anmyna Whitening & Moisturizing CC Cushion Cream highlight natural luster of skin. Allowing you to enjoy fine and pure makeup without blemish.The four main attractive points about Anmyna Whitening & Moisturizing CC Cushion Cream is natural radiant, long lasting moisturization, brighten skin tone and effective concealer. This product is non-greasy yet provides deep hydration. Hence, skin turns out to be moisture and natural in color. Light and easy cream that will not cause clog pores, in fact, allowing the skin to breathe easily even after applying the product. Long lasting effect and does not wipe off easily. Shop here.

Anmyna Haircare:

1. Hair Shampoo

Anmyna No Silicone Oil Luxury Shampoo, Anmyna Silky Hair Conditioner, hair care, hair shampoo, hair conditioner

  • Anmyna No Silicone Oil Luxury Shampoo

Anmyna No Silicone Oil Luxury hair shampoo is designed to treat your hair scalp. The attraction of this hair shampoo is the absence of silicone oil, in which excessive of silicone oil will lead to the unhealthy scalp and give rise of hair loss and itchy and oily scalp problem. The key ingredient of this product is the Paeonia Albiflora Flower Extract. This flower extract is capable of repairing damaged scalp. In addition of silk protein, double protection on hair scalp and hair are achieved. Able to fix scalp dryness, clean hair follicle from blockage and strengthen your hair. By nourishing the hair follicle and improve hair condition, hair becomes smooth and silky. No more frizzy hairs, split ends and hair fall problem. Shop Now.

anmyna hair care set 2,Anmyna Compliant Silky Hair Shampoo,Anmyna Silky Hair Conditioner, Bellesy, hair care, anmyna

  • Anmyna Compliant Silky Hair Shampoo

Anmyma hair shampoo is rich in amino acids that formed the protein which needed by your hair. Nourishing your hair with all the nutrients and minerals that needed. Replenished nutrients loss by your hair due to the environment such as haze, the wind and other types of pollution. Reduces hair damage and strengthen your hair. Allowing your hair to shine healthily. Shop Now.

anmyna, hair conditioner, hair care, bellesy

  • Anmyna Silky Hair Conditioner

Anmyna Silky Hair Conditioner is rich in Paeonia Albiflora Flower Extract, amino acids, and silk protein. In addition of silk protein, double protection on hair scalp and hair are achieved. The flower extract is capable of repairing damaged scalp. Besides, clean and deep nourish hair follicles. The silk protein able to give nutrients that needed by the hair, protecting hair in any environment. On top of that, strengthen the hair and reduces hair fall. The combination of amino acids can effectively repair damaged hair, allow hair to grow healthily and shiny. This product impressively reduces frizzy hairs, split ends, and dry hair problem. Shop here.

Anmyna Bodycare:

1. Body wash

shower gel,body care, body shampoo, anmyna, bellesy

  • Anmyna Charm Shower Gel

Using jasmine extract and peony flower essence, the Anmyna Charm Shower Gel not only able to detox and beautify your skin. Deep moisturizing resulting lesser skin crackles and increase firmness. Besides, able to reduce skin tiredness and promote better sleep quality. Rich of vitamin A, B, C and other nutrients, hence, prevent your skin from losing water and stay healthy. Perform whitening effect and effectively reduce skin dullness. Nonetheless, releasing fragrance smell and overshadow your body odor. Shop Now.

anmyna, shower gel, body shampoo, bellesy, body care

  • Anmyna Cherry Blossom Refreshing Shower Gel + Refill Pack

With the combination of cherry blossom and mint essence, the Anmyna refreshing shower gel is able to keep you cool and fragrant all day long. Besides, capable of reducing skin dryness and fine lines. This product also performs moisturizing effect which moisture your skin and enable your skin to become radiant and smooth. On top of that, the fragrance to last long in the summer day and capable of overshadowing the sweat smell. Allowing you to enjoy work, date or outdoor activities doubtlessly. Suitable to use in hot summer day and effectively reduce stress and fatigues. Shop now.

2. Body / Hand Lotion

anmyna, body lotion, bellesy

  • Anmyna SPA Fragrant Body Lotion

Dermatologist tested Anmyna Spa Fragrant Body Lotion which immerses in every inch of your skin, allowing you to enjoy spa-like feeling body lotion. Natural ingredients with least chemical, no cruelty as well. Effectively moisture dehydrated skin and last for 24 hours. Rich in essence that easily absorbed by your skin, which in return smoother skin with last long fragrant. Nonetheless, non-sticky and oily, leaving your skin smooth and silky. Shop here.

anmyna summer body shaping cream, anmyna, body care, bellesy

  • Anmyna Summer Body Shaping Cream

This product able to hydrates skin meanwhile conceal and even the skin tone color. Effectively reduce skin dullness and roughness, resulting smooth and silky skin. On top of that, this product is a good sunscreen and waterproof. Hence, whiten and soften your skin. Double protection from UVA and UVB. There are two variations available. The light version is suitable for fairer skin type user. Meanwhile, strong version is suitable for darker skin type user. Shop here.

anmyna hand cream, anmyna, hand cream, bellesy

  • Anmyna Hand Cream

This product does not contain any alcohol, color pigments or mineral oils. Rich in vitamin which easily absorb by your skin. Moisture your skin and reduce dullness, roughness, and dryness due to daytime activity. Supply collagen and protein, allowing your skin to rejuvenate. Resulting firmer skin with softer sensation and elastic. Two variations available where one is suitable home and the other one for dating purpose. Both have different fragrant and effects. Baby Skin Effect Hand Cream contains higher nutrients level. This product is suitable to apply after running errands. Meanwhile, Dating Aroma has a long lasting sweet fragrant small. This product as named is meant for dating purpose. Shop here.

Translation from Anmyna official website. All rights reserved.

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