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Are You Sugar Addict?

Are You Sugar Addict? Sugar addict is similar to drug addict, you will first feel the pleasure because dopamine release in your body then, you would experience a strong sense of excitement. As the sugar level in your body increases, your insulin secretion will also increase. If your body is addicted to sugar, you might …

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5 Body Signals of Unhealthy Gut!

5 Body Signals of Unhealthy Gut! Do you know that our guts are labelled as the second brain in our body? Our guts will actually ‘communicate’ with our brain. For example, feeling nausea or stomachache when you are stress or panic. The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion and interlink with our immune system, as …

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Top 6 Malaysian Favorite Pink Clay Masks

Top 6 Malaysian Favorite Pink Clay Masks Having a girls night and looking for fun fancy things to do together? Let’s get the pink clay mask. Like any facial mask, pink clay masks are used to detox, purify the skin and bring out a new glowy appearance you deserve, besides the gorgeous colour. No matter …

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Bellesy Top 12 Rose-Infused Skincare, Malaysia

Top 12 Rose-Infused Skincare 2020

Top 12 Rose-Infused Skincare 2020 As May blooms, it’s high time that our beauty regime follows suit. To freshen up our routines, we’re taking a cue from the all-powerful, romantic rose. The rule of thumb for smelling lovely, and not cloying? Choose products that use authentic rose essential oil or water in order to truly …

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