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Are You Sugar Addict?

Are You Sugar Addict? Sugar addict is similar to drug addict, you will first feel the pleasure because dopamine release in your body then, you would experience a strong sense of excitement. As the sugar level in your body increases, your insulin secretion will also increase. If your body is addicted to sugar, you might …

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5 Body Signals of Unhealthy Gut!

5 Body Signals of Unhealthy Gut! Do you know that our guts are labelled as the second brain in our body? Our guts will actually ‘communicate’ with our brain. For example, feeling nausea or stomachache when you are stress or panic. The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion and interlink with our immune system, as …

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All About ANMYNA

Looking for the most natural and gentle skincare products? Anmyna is definitely what you looking for. With the efficacy of skin care products and natural smell, the company determines to make every female to experience natural and comforting skin care products. The Anmyna products contain the most natural derived formula and ingredients which give the consumer an impactful impression that never experiences before. This brand was founded in Mainland China in the year 2009 aiming to innovate natural beauty products in the market.

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