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What is LIVEON?

LIVEON is an Anti-Ageing, Anti-Glycation and High Anti-Oxidant ready-to-drink botanical beverage from multiple natural plant extracts with patented technologies. LIVEON is packed in an individual sachet form, convenient to consume on-the-go. LIVEON have 4 patented ingredients which are Enzogenol pine bark extract from New Zealand, SOD B Extramel from France, Puredia SeaBerry from Tibet and Sirtmax black turmeric extract from Japan. LIVEON made in Wellous Malaysia KKM approved factory with 4 imported patented ingredients and 7 potent supporting antioxidant ingredients.




Relieve aging signs, fight free radicals, improve brain function, improve skin condition

SOD Extramel

SOD Extramel®

Protect cells from damage, reverse signs of aging skin



Neutralise free radicals and slow down effect of aging, reduce AGEs

Puredia SeaBerry

Puredia SeaBerry®

Regenerate skin cells, improve immune system, promote cardiovascular health

Apart from that, LIVEON contains other ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. The giant knotweed stimulates the synthesis of collagen and inhibits synthesis of AGEs. Grape seed extract contains high amount of oligomeric proanthocyanidins that prevents collagen damage from free radicals. The green tea extract, rich in polyphenol antioxidant catechin that protects the brain cells from oxidative stress. Lastly, the acai berry have high ORAC value which effectively reduce oxidative damage and subsequently reduce the signs of aging. These ingredients can effectively help in anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation, thus achieve the result of anti-ageing by generating cells!

LIVEON Internal And External Changes

External Changes

  • Maintain the elasticity of skin
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Lighten dark spots

Internal Changes

  • Boost metabolism
  • Enhance body metabolism
  • Improve sleeps
  • Maintain vitality and energy 

Who Needs LIVEON?

Liveon Restore Your Youthful Day Banner

6 Major LIVEON Benefits

through anti-glycation, anti-inflammation & anti-oxidation

reactivates the quiescent cells in our body and brain

by relieving stress and reduces fatigue

Revitalises the harden cardiovascular wall & PREVENT BLOOD VESSEL BLOCKAGE

Maintain the structure of skin & PREVENT WRINKLES & DARK SPOTS

Rejuvenates the body mechanism & RESTORE ENERGY

LIVEON Supplement Reviews / Testimonials


DISCLAIMER: The above customers’ testimonials are from real users of LIVEON supplement. However, the results might vary according to the health condition of the consumer.

Over 50,000 SATISFIED AND SUCCESSFUL customers reduce numbness and improve joint pain in 2 weeks (depending on health condition).

LIVEON's RM 3 Million Insurance Protection

If you experience side effects caused by this product, LIVEON, you can claim insurance with Wellous.

2021 Wellous 3 Millions Insurance Coverage

LIVEON Product Information


1 box LIVEON has 16 sachets. Each sachet has 20ml ready-to-drink botanical beverage.


One sachet per day, it is recommended to take LIVEON 30 minutes before meals for the best results.

(But if you have a sensitive stomach, you might need to take LIVEON after meals to avoid stomach discomfort. )


LIVEON contains rich antioxidants which can help to replenish nutrition and energy to the weakened cells to delay ageing!

Changes After Consume LIVEON

7 – 16 Days

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Reduce AGEs in blood vessels
  • Improve ulcer recovery
  • Improve sleep quality

17 – 32 Days

  • Reduce hands & legs numbness
  • Lessen breathing difficulties
  • Feel more refreshing and energise

33 – 48 Days

  • Reduce AGEs in blood vessels
  • Allergy reaction less occur
  • Improve skin condition

LIVEON Malaysia Price & Packages

11.11 Promotion Start From 5th Nov To 21st Nov 2022 Only
Discount RM 11 For Each Box
6 Boxes ONLY RM 1,111
(While stock last)

ATTENTION: New prices in Malaysia are appointed from Wellous HQ starting from 1st April 2022. Prices lower than appointed prices are from unregistered sellers.

REMINDER: Ensure original product with latest QR Code, Serial No and able to check with FarmaChecker mobile app from MOH. Do not be thrilled by cheaper prices available in the market. Do not bet your health on counterfeit products.


1 Box

1 Box LIVEON Price


RM 340

RM 260

+ Free Shipping


2 Boxes

2 Boxes LIVEON Price


RM 550

RM 470

+ Free Shipping


3 Boxes

3 Boxes LIVEON Price


RM 710

RM 630

+ Free Shipping

Premium Value

4 Boxes

4 Boxes LIVEON Price


RM 920

RM 840

+ Free Shipping


5 Boxes

5 Boxes LIVEON Price


RM 1,130

RM 1,050

+ Free Shipping

Premium Family

6 Boxes

6 Boxes LIVEON Price


RM 1,330

RM 1,250

+ Free Shipping

It is recommended to take 3 BOXES LIVEON (1 Treatment) continuously to get OPTIMUM results between 2 months. It is recommended to do an inspection or check-up once every 2 or 4 weeks to find out the effectiveness of the product.

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Why We Need Antioxidants?

Oxidative stress has been implicated in the development and progression of numerous diseases, and plays an important role in the ageing process. Under oxidative stress our body’s defenses are overwhelmed by the production of free radicals arising from disease, metabolism, exercise, and environmental factors like smoking, pollution, and UV rays. The resulting oxidation damages molecules in our cells including lipids, proteins and DNA, and in turn can destroy cell function. Loss in cell function leads to loss in organ function which contributes to the development of chronic diseases, exacerbates existing conditions, and generally ages our body.

Antioxidant can control the autoxidation by interrupting the propagation of free radicals or by inhibiting the formation of free radicals and subsequently reduce oxidative stress, improve immune function, and increase healthy longevity.

What is AGES & Glycation?

As time goes by, we aged and our internal and external organs start to deteriorate. Only with a healthy body, you can live the life you dream of. The food we consume daily will be converted into sugar, the source of energy that allows us to carry out our daily activities. Excess and unused sugar we consume drifts freely and binds to the protein inside our body‒this process is known as “Glycation”. The denaturation of protein will form advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

LIVEON The Beginning of Ageing


Glycation in the body leads to premature ageing! This will cause the cells in our body and organs to age and unable to functions well. Imbalanced food intake, lack of exercise, stress, and ageing factor can contribute to excess amount of AGEs and speed up the ageing of cells, leading to melanin production and ageing skin.


Skin elasticity reduced

Memory decline

Breathing difficulty


Blood clog or arteries hardening

Easily lose focus or blurred vision

Digestion problem

Muscle sag

To combat glycation, Wellous formulated a new product, LIVEON. LIVEON is made up of 4 major patented antioxidant ingredients, namely Enzogenol® pine bark extract, Superoxide Dismutase, Sirtmax black turmeric extract, and Puredia Sea Berry.

Why Choose LIVEON?

Made of 100% natural ingredients. No preservative and any chemical additives.

An age-reversing formulation with 13 years of research and development.

Formulated with ingredients from New Zealand, Japan, and France.

Made from world-patented antioxidant ingredients that helps to ward off damaging free radicals and delay ageing.

Produced by using 3 Advanced Patented Technologies: Exclusive pure water extraction technology, Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology, and C3 micro-encapsulation technology.

Wellous®’s persistence and strong concept of health and wellness have been favoured and supported by the world’s top research and development companies Enzo Nutraceuticals, Bionov, Puredia and Tokiwa Phytochemical. Wellous® spent years of research and development with world-class researchers to create the 21st century ultimate reverse ageing formula, LIVEON.

Enzo Nutraceuticals

The key patented ingredient in LIVEON is Enzogenol® is produced by Enzo Nutroceauticals company, it contains a variety of flavonoids including proanthocyanidins, catechins, quercetin, taxifolin, piceatannol and phenolic acids, helps to protect the body cells from the damage of free radicals, improve cognitive performance, supporting brain recovery after injury, and cardiovascular health. Besides, Enzogenol® binds and protects collagen, stimulates skin cell growth, boosts natural defense of skin cells, protects the skin from free radicals and UV damage, and thus, improves skin condition.

ENZOGENOL® is 100% natural extract from the bark of Pinus Radiata in New Zealand. It is produced through international patented pure water extraction technology, developed by Enzo Nutraceuticals. The pure water extraction process maximise not only the antioxidant activity in ENZOGENOL®, but also effectively removes the residues of hazardous waste in traditional extraction. Chemical analyses have shown that Enzogenol is a highly active antioxidant, several times stronger than vitamin C or other polyphenol extracts.*

Enzogenol Antioxidant Properties

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Medsafe, TGA or other authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Superoxide Dismutase (SOD EXTRAMEL®) is an enzyme produced naturally in the body. SOD is stronger than secondary antioxidants, it provides a complete defense system for human body. Wellous patented SOD is extracted from the non-GMO variety of Cantaloup melon, with its concentration 5 to 10 times higher compared with other melons.

Oxidative stress, favored by low body’s endogenous antioxidant protection, strongly participates in decreasing people’s daily performances. Highest source of natural and bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase, SOD B Extramel® is clinically proven to promote a sense of well-being through the maintenance of optimal mental and physical performances. As demonstrated in multiparametric clinical studies, a one-month supplementation with SOD B Extramel® significantly boosts daily performances by improving stress relief, sleep quality, cognitive functions and physical tonus.

Below are the clinical trial results of changes on the signs and symptoms of stress and fatigue in healthy volunteers. There is two experiements conducted and the scores was measured from Day 0, Day 7 and Day 28. Results shown that no adverse effect was noted. The supplementation significantly improved signs and symptoms of stress and fatigue linked to performance, physical (pain, sleep troubles), cognitive (concentration, weariness, sleep troubles) or behavioural (attitude, irritability, difficulty of contact) compared to the placebo. The quality of life and perceived stress were significantly improved with SOD supplementation.

  • Experiment 1 is comparison between placebo group and PSS-14 (The PSS-14 is a self-reported measure which assesses the degree to which the respondent has perceived situations in his/her life within the past month as stressful.)
  • Experiment 2 is comparison between placebo group and SF-12 (The SF-12 is a self-reported outcome measure assessing the impact of health on an individual’s everyday life.)
SOD B Extramel PPS 14 Scores
SOD B Extramel SF 12


Puredia Sea Berry® which is the sea buckthorn extract also known as “Authentic Fruit” is originated from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one of the cleanest and most intact organic ecosystems. This plant is grow at 4,500 meters above sea level in Tibet. Puredia Sea Berry® is rich in Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant nutrient. It helps to activate skin cell regeneration and reverse the aging signs. Plus, it can helps to aids immune system and cardiovascular health.

With more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Puredia is committed to bringing the world innovative products through our rigorous scientific research with pure potent ingredients from the foothills of Himalayas.

Puredia Sea Berry® is a trademark brand of Puredia. This ingredient is extracted through supercritical carbon dioxide extraction to ensure the purest essence of sea buckthorn. Puredia Sea Berry® is one of the superfood that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It contains a potent antioxidant with ORAC value of as high as 300,000 and contains more than 190 bioactive nutrients. In the past, it was used there to treat coughing, digestive problems, skin issues, wounds and burns, and even depression in some cases.

Tokiwa Phytochemical

Sirtmax® is a patented ingredient by a Japanese company, Tokiwa Phytochemical Co. Ltd. Its antioxidant effect is 15 times stronger than resveratrol, which is also 3 times stronger compared with the common Black Turmeric. Sirtmax is proven to activate longevity gene, extend healthy lifespan, delay further development of age-related diseases and good for cardiovascular and metabolic health. It is also clinical proven that it can improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce advanced glycation and products (AGEs).

SIRTMAX® applied International Patent Application, acquired trademark sign and obtained the certificate of JIHFS GMP for Health Foods. Black turmeric (Kaempferia parviflora), a plant that belongs to Kaempferia genus of Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, is indigenous to Thailand & Laos. At the location, it has been used as a folk medicine since ancient days, and its characteristic compounds are polymethoxyflavonoids. As for its efficacy, antioxidant action, vasodilator action and antiallergic action thus has been used as a folk remedy for nutritional enhancement, sexual vigor enhancement, physical recovery, circulatory system improvement and digestive system improvement.

Longevity genes(SIRT1)controls cell aging and works as the playmaker of aging-related disease prevention, thus attracting people’s attention as a new target for anti-aging. Black turmeric activates SIRT1 5x higher than resveratrol which is generally said activates SIRT1. Moreover, the effect of KPMF-8 and KPMF-10, a major polymethoxyflavonoids compound in black turmeric extract, is reported to have an activation power of SIRT1 that is 15x more than that of resveratrol. In addition, the anti-glycation activity of black turmeric extract was observed to be 7x more effective than aminoguanidine.

Sirtmax Antioxidant Test Results


Establish an online quality control system with multiple rigorous inspection (Ensuring product quality and safety)

All raw materials will go through the material inspection (Strict temperature and humidity control)

All finished products will pass the activity test (It is proved that there is no heavy metal, pesticide pollution, microorganisms, harmful substances, malignant cells, etc.)

How to order LIVEON?
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LIVEON Verification and Certification

In order to ensure Wellous LIVEON can be sold safely, LIVEON has undergone strict quality control system with multiple rigorous inspection in the laboratory, and approval from KKM and NPRA are classified LIVEON as a food product. Below are some lab reports to proved that LIVEON is free of Microbes and heavy metals, and also does not contain any gluten allergens.

How to verify original LIVEON

Step 1: Download QR Code Reader

Download QR Code Reader

Acquire any of these readily available applications – QR code reader

Download QR code reader at Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2: Scan the QR code

Scan the code displayed on the packaging / Anti-Counterfeit barcode is shown behind the product packaging / Only 3 attempt(s) are allowed to run QR Scan

There are 3 types of QR code as below

Wellous Product QR Code Types

Wellous Verification Step 1 Scan
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Step 3: Wait for the reveal

Authentication Page

Authentication page will automatically load/You are required to fill in particular information/Key in security code – Only 1 attempt is given for code verification

You will see one of the 2 following message boxes after clicking “VERIFY”

Wellous Real Product Verfication Popup
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Wellous Fake Product Verfication Popup

This message box will appear if your purchase is fake or if you entered the wrong numbers

DISCLAIMER: This product is not design to cure patients who are undergoing hospital treatment. You have to understand that functional beverage are not a substitute for medicine or a substitute for existing treatment. However, there is no denying that supplementary assistance also helps in the success of treatment. So do not immediately leave the existing medications without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first. So take action IMMEDIATELY before IT’S TOO LATE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To date, there is no known or reported side effect of LIVEON since it is not a drug. LIVEON has been consumed by more than 50,000 SATISFIED AND SUCCESSFUL customers.

Besides that, Wellous also have RM 3 Million product responsibility insurance coverage. If you experience side effects caused by this product, LIVEON, you can claim insurance with Wellous.

However in rare case, one might experience healing crisis such as fever, headache, nausea, stomach discomfort or other symptoms due to high antioxidant consumption.
Yes. Diabetic patient can take LIVEON as there is no added sugar. Besides that, Sirtmax® black turmeric extract helps to regulate glucose and lipid metabolisms in the body, which is beneficial for diabetic patient.
Can. LIVEON does not contains any hormone, hence it would not affect menstrual period of the consumer.
Yes, all of the ingredients in LIVEON is from plant source. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan.
LIVEON is an anti-ageing, anioxidant and anti-glycation product. From around the age of 25, the first signs of ageing start to become apparent on the surface of our skin. To overcome this, it is good to start taking LIVEON as early as you hit 25 years old.
Teenagers between 12 to 17 years old can consume one sachet of LIVEON per two days. For those above 17 years old, they can consume 1 sachet of LIVEON per day.
Of course, you can consume 2 sachets of LIVEON per day to achieve faster and better effects from LIVEON.

The original price of a box of LIVEON was RM 340. Now LIVEON is at a promotional price of RM 260 per box.

The effects of LIVEON would not stop immediately right after stop consumption. However, the antioxidant level in the body will reduce gradually if there is no more supply of antioxidant from the diet or supplement.

We deliver from Monday to Saturday. Usually it will take 1-3 working days reach your address in West Malaysia.

For East Malaysia, usually it will take 5-7 working days reach your address.

WhatsApp 019-983 1068 & made payment when receive.


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Disclaimer: Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of Wellous products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, are under the age of 18 or have, or suspect you may have a medical condition. Consult your physician before using these, or any other, dietary supplements. Keep out of the reach of children or pets.

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