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What is MOVEON?

MOVEON is a joint restoring drink that formulated to strengthen joint health! MOVEON is made out of 3 internationally patented ingredients: Ovomet® from Spain as the main nutrient for joints, UC-II™ from the United States which functions to repair cartilage wear and tear, and BonePep™ from Japan which functions to prevent loss of bone density. With the added benefits from turmeric extract and vitamin D3, MOVEON is the supplement that able to help you regain your mobility.


Ovomet® Eggshell Membrane Powder

Providing the main nutrients for joints, Relieve joint discomfort, protect cartilage, and promote tendon elasticity

UC-II™ Undenatured Type II Collagen Powder

Repair cartilage wear and tear, Relieving joint pain and stiffness and in improving physical functions

BonePep™ Hydrolyzed Egg Yolk Peptide

Increase bone strength and bone metabolism to increase bone density, thus prevent osteoporosis

Apart from that, MOVEON also contains turmeric extract and vitamin D3. The turmeric extract can reduce inflammation and antioxidation. Besides, reduce the swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Meanwhile the vitamin D3 enhance calcium absorption by stimulating intestinal absorption, this allows more calcium to be absorbed and utilised, thus strengthen your bones.

Who Needs MOVEON?

6 Major MOVEON Benefits


mobility & flexibility


bone density for sturdy bones


tendon & ligaments


& reduce stiffness


on joints & bones


redness & pain

MOVEON Supplement Reviews / Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: The above customers’ testimonials are from real users of MOVEON supplement. However, the results might vary according to the health condition of the consumer.

Over 15,000 SATISFIED AND SUCCESSFUL customers have lesser joint pain and stiffness in a week (depending on health condition).

MOVEON's RM 3 Million Insurance Protection

If you experience side effects caused by this product, MOVEON, you can claim insurance with Wellous.

2021 Wellous 3 Millions Insurance Coverage

MOVEON Product Information


1 box MOVEON has 16 sachets. Each sachet has 25ml ready-to-drink botanical beverage.


One sachet per day, it is recommended to take MOVEON 30 minutes before sleep.


MOVEON is a joint restoring beverage that contains 11 all-natural ingredients, which serve to protect your overall joint health including the cartilage, tendon, ligament and even the bone

Changes After Consume MOVEON

Repair (3 – 7 Days)

Repair muscles & joints that weaken due to daily wear & tear

Regenerate (7 – 14 Days)

Rebuild & regenerate muscles, joints, bones, tendons & ligaments

Strengthen (14 – 30 Days)

Strengthen & restore the overall flexibility & mobility

MOVEON Malaysia Price & Packages

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ATTENTION: New prices in Malaysia are appointed from Wellous HQ starting from 1st April 2022. Prices lower than appointed prices are from unregistered sellers.

REMINDER: Ensure original product with latest QR Code, Serial No and able to check with FarmaChecker mobile app from MOH. Do not be thrilled by cheaper prices available in the market. Do not bet your health on counterfeit products.


1 Box

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RM 260

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RM 470

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RM 630

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RM 840

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5 Boxes

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RM 1,050

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Premium Family

6 Boxes

6 Boxes MOVEON Price


RM 1,250

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It is recommended to take 6 BOXES MOVEON (2 Treatments) continuously to get OPTIMUM results between 3 months. It is recommended to do an inspection or check-up once every 2 or 4 weeks to find out the effectiveness of the product.

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The Degeneration of the Joint

The bone joint is the cartilage part that connects the two ends of our bones. Made up of type 2 collagen, healthy bone joints are the very reason we can move around and conduct our daily activities in life!

The knee joint is most prone to pain and inflammation as it is central to our everyday movements. Can you imagine taht this little piece of cartilage has to withstand the pressure from your entire body weight? When you are:


your knees have to bear 1-2 times your weight


your knees have to bear 3-4 times your weight


your knees have to bear 4 times your weight


your knees have to bear 8 times your weight

In general, the collagen levels in our body will start to drop drastically in production by the time we reach the age of 30. Our joint cartilages, which are made out of collagen, will experience the same drop as well. The thinning of joint cartilage will cause bones to come into direct contact and rub against each other, causing friction that leads to pain, stiffness, and inflammation that is better known as osteoarthritis!

Although osteoarthristis is an age-related disease, that is not the only factor of prevalence! The common 7 factors of osteoarthritis included these! You are at a higher risk of getting osteoarthritis if any of the below describes your condition!


Collagen is lost as we age


Genetic factors causing hereditary osteoarthritis or congenital deficiency of cartilage


Higher risk in people who are overweight


Presence of old or existing injuries on joints


Higher risk in women, especially those in postmenopause


Joint wear & tear from long term intense exercise training


Bad sitting or sleeping posture


Do you have the below symptoms?


Legs feel sore for days after considerable amounts of walking or exercising


Joints feel stiff right after waking up and takes time to warm and loosen up


Difficulty in standing or moving around after long hours of sitting


Joints will experience crackling or grating sound or sensation

If you ignore the above symptoms, you might risk experiencing worse pain in your joints that will eventually limit your movements and lose your ability to walk!

Why Choose MOVEON?

Ovomet® Natural Eggshell Membrane Powder

Over hundreds of studies have been conducted on eggshell membranes and founc it to be able to replenish collagen loss in human bodies, relieve pain and reduce inflammation, treat burn injuries, mouth ulcers, foot fungus and diaper rashers, and protect our skin and scalp. These studies have also found naturally occuring proteins in eggshell membranes that help fortify joint health such as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate. 

A leading corporation in the personalised functional food sector, Wellous supported its research team in discovering that eggshell membranes contains substances that are similar or even identical to the makeup of our joint cartilages and synovial fluids through past studies. To find the solution to osteoarthritis, Wellous worked hand in hand with Eggnovo S.L., a renowned bio-technology company from Spain that specialises in the production of natural functional ingredients, over the course of 10 years to produce Ovomet® eggshell membrane powder!

Ovomet® in MOVEON is 90% purity, high quality collagen extracted from eggshell membranes that are free from all forms of pollution.The patented technology used in the extraction process helps retain the bioavailability and utilisation rate of this nutrient, allowing Ovomet® to receive recognition and accreditation from many countries. According to multiple studies, Ovomet® can effectively reduce joint discomfort within 3-5 days of consumption!

Ovomet® is extracted through a patented method that separates the eggshell membrane without using any chemicals. Not only is the efficacy of Ovomet® supported by numerous scientific literature and studies, but it is also certified by multiple authorities as safe to be consumed.

Type 1 collagen is the most abundant kind of collagen found in the structure of bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Apart from type 1 collagen, Ovomet® also contains essential nutrients including amino acids, sulphur-containing amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids. These nutrients are highly beneficial towards maintenance of our physiological functions and yet they are not commonly found in joint nutrients on the market. Ovomet®  is not only rich in collagen but also retains more than 500 types of proteins including hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate which are naturally found in eggshell membranes. These substances can help relieve joint discomfort, protein cartilage, and promote tendon elasticity.

4 BENEFITS of Ovomet®

  1. IMPROVE TENDON ELASTICITY – Inhibit collagenase & elastase enzymes that could destroy collagen & elastin in joints.
  2. PROTECT CARTILAGE –  Activate chondrocytes to maintain and sustain cartilage.
  3. EASE INFLAMMATION – Reduce inflammatory cytokine expressions to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.
  4. RELIEVE JOINT PAIN – When compared to the placebo as a control group in one of the conducted clinical studies, the treatment group that consumed 300mg of Ovomet® for 50 days reported a significant reduction in their joint pain.  
300mg of Ovomet® / day


As the main protein component of cartilage, Type 2 collagen supports the growth and repair of cartilage. UC-II™ undenatured Type 2 collagen powder is a premium ingredient from the Swiss company Lonza Group that has obtained patents from the United States, Canada and Japan. Type 2 collagen’s original “undenatured” structure is retained during the process of extraction, hence its high rate of bioavailability and utilisation. The patented technology uses low temperatures to extract Type 2 collagen from chicken sternum cartilage, making it effective in improving joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility.

According to WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index) and further proven and supported by 4 clinical studies,  UC-II™  is 2 times more effective than glucosamine and chondrointin in relieving joint pain and stiffness and in improving physical functions.

For the Reparation of DAILY WEAR AND TEAR

UC-II™ can help to trigger a series of anti-inflammatory responses to counter the effects of daily joint wear and tear from exercising, lifting heavy objects or climbing stairs. On top of that, the enzymes in our body will also be upregulated to remove damaged cartilage. These mechanisms will then lead up to facilitate cartilage reparation:

The Ideal Solution towards TACKLING OSTEOARTHRITIS

Prevention is better than cure. Pther that the proven benefits such as:

  • Improve the mechanical function of damaged knees
  • Protect joint cartilage from deterioration
  • Preserve the integrity of the knee structure

UC-II™ can also relieve the stress caused on knees after exercising.

A 17-week study on non-osteoarthritis adults shows that UC-II™ can significantly improve the range of motion on knee extension and alleviate joint discomfort. Therefore, UC-II™ is meant to help sports enthusiasts, people who always carry heavy objects, people who walk a lot, and also white-collar workers who have joint discomfort as a daily nutritional supplement to help protect their bones and joints as well as prevent osteoarthritis.


Strong bones are requisite to prevent or even improve joint problems. With that in consideration, the team behind MOVEON has included BonePep™ Hydrolysed Egg Yolk Peptide, a kind of peptide extracted from egg yolk that plays a crucial role in the bone development of chickens into its formulation. 

BonePep™ is an ingredient developed in collaboration with the 25-year old multi-award-winning Japanese corporation, Pharma Food International, derived using a unique extraction method that can ensure its resistance against heat and acid while processing higher stability in subsequent processes. As a result, BonePep™ can be easily digested and absorbed by the human body, thus improving our bone metabolism to increase bone density, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

Disrupted BONE METABOLISM is What Causes Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease characterised by weak and brittle bones caused by a decrease in one’s bone mass. Therefore, the first step to preventing osteoporosis is to maintain a healthy bone metabolism.

The Roles of Osteoblast and Osteoclast in Bone Metabolism


  • Responsible for the formation, secretion and mineralisation of bone matrixes
  • The process is known as bone formation


  • Responsible for the breaking down bone minerals and releasing it into the bloodstream
  • The process is known as bone resorption

The rate of bone formation and bone resorption are usually well balanced under a healthy state. However, various factors such as malnutrition, ageing, oestrogen deficiency, and lack of vitamin D can disrupt bone metabolism and cause low bone density, which then leads to osteoporosis.

Regulate Your Bone Metabolism through BonePep™

  • BonePep™ can help promote the proliferation of osteoblasts to increase the thickness of the outer bone layer (cortical bone).
  • Prevent the loss of the inner bone layer (cancellous bone) to suppress the formation of osteoclasts.
  • Bone metabolism is regulated when the balance between bone formation and resorption is achieved.
  • This can help to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

A study has shown that bone mineral density increased significantly for the controlled group after consuming BonePep™ in just 4 days. 

BonePep™ can also promote the absorption of calcium through the small intestine. The consumption of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, beans, spinach, soy milk, and beancurd can help us build strong bones.


Patented Manufacturing Technology

Dehydration Technology

Hydrolysis Technology

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MOVEON Verification and Certification

In order to ensure Wellous MOVEON can be sold safely, MOVEON has undergone strict quality control system with multiple rigorous inspection in the laboratory, and approval from KKM and NPRA are classified MOVEON as a food product. Besides, MOVEON is free from drugs including analgesic drugs. There are also lab reports to proved that MOVEON is free of microbes and heavy metals.

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DISCLAIMER: This product is not design to cure patients who are undergoing hospital treatment. You have to understand that functional beverage are not a substitute for medicine or a substitute for existing treatment. However, there is no denying that supplementary assistance also helps in the success of treatment. So do not immediately leave the existing medications without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first. So take action IMMEDIATELY before IT’S TOO LATE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To date, there is no known or reported side effect of MOVEON since it is not a drug. MOVEON has been consumed by more than 15,000 SATISFIED AND SUCCESSFUL customers.

Besides that, Wellous also have RM 3 Million product responsibility insurance coverage. If you experience side effects caused by this product, MOVEON, you can claim insurance with Wellous.

However in rare case, one might experience healing crisis such as fever, headache, nausea, stomach discomfort or other symptoms due to high antioxidant consumption.
Yes. As MOVEON does not contain added sugar, 1 sachet of MOVEON contains only 0.7g of sugar from juice powder, hence it will not cause sugar spike and is suitable for diabetic patients
Yes. As MOVEON does not contain any hormones, it would not affect the consumer’s menstrual cycle.
No, MOVEON contains ingredients extracted from chicken sternum cartilage, egg yolk and egg shell membrane, hence it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
Consmer can start as early as in their 20s to strengthen their joints and prevent joint pain, especially those who are very active physically.
Teenagers between 12 to 17 years old can consume 1 sachet of MOVEON daily. 18 years old and above may consume up to 2 sachets daily.
Of course, you can consume 2 sachets of MOVEON per day to achieve faster and better effects from MOVEON.

The original price of a box of MOVEON was RM 340. Now MOVEON is at a promotional price of RM 260 per box.

People with severe joint condition may take 2 sachets daily until symptoms subside and subsequently take 1 sachet as maintenance dose. MOVEON is safe for long term consumption.

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Disclaimer: Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of Wellous products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, are under the age of 18 or have, or suspect you may have a medical condition. Consult your physician before using these, or any other, dietary supplements. Keep out of the reach of children or pets.

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